Email Advertising

Our program is marketed to and viewed by over 65,000 subscribers. Winning firms and program sponsors can be featured in our TOP 50 PE emails to help drive traffic to their company site. Furthermore, we make it easy by creating the ad for you!

Pricing and Distribution

Ad Creation + 1 Email Send: $650

Ad Creation + 3 Email Sends: $1200

Ad Creation + 5 Email Sends: $1600

Banner Ad Details

• Custom artwork provided by our creative team
(choose from 1 of 3 destination)

• 1 button link
(your choice of link destination)

• 1 message or prompt
(limited characters)

• Includes up to 2 rounds of design and modifications

About Our Emails

Regular Top 50 PE Emails
Features exclusive content from our publishers with news and insights within the PE landscape as well as featured deals, acquisitions and announcements from PE firms.

M&A Weekly
M&A Weekly is a weekly e-newsletter designed to support, inform and promote small and mid-sized private equity firms focused on the middle-market. Unlike other private equity news sources that feature large firms and the biggest deals, M&A Weekly features small and mid-sized private equity firm news.

Featured 5 Emails
This is a bi-monthly promotional email showcasing 5 winning PE Firms from the current year. This includes their company logo, a brief overview of their company and a link to their full listing on the Top 50 PE Firms website. Winning PE firms may choose to further promote their firm’s inclusion as a Feature 5 PE Firm by placing a banner advertisement within these emails.

More Promotional Opportunities
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