The 2024 Top PE Execs in the Middle Market™ Award is designed to recognize top performing C-Suite Executives and professionals with experience operating within mid-market private equity companies in the United States and Canada.

Private equity specialist Grady Campbell is proud to introduce the Top Execs in the Middle Market Awards. Grady Campbell has a long history of providing expertise to the mid-market private equity sector.

Recognizing the Best-in-Class Execs in the Middle Market

Executives are the strategic leaders who take the helm at the PE firm’s acquired businesses, steering them through transformational changes that are often necessary to realize the portfolio company’s full potential. The performance of these executives can have a significant impact on the portfolio company’s bottom line and, by extension, the PE firm’s return on investment.
Executives who demonstrate an ability to lead through uncertainty, manage complex stakeholder relationships, and execute turnaround strategies effectively are in high demand. They’re expected to act as visionaries, injecting agility and innovation into their companies to surpass market expectations and deliver outstanding results. Understanding that their role extends beyond management is key – these executives serve as the bridge between the investment vision of the PE firm and the operational reality of the portfolio companies they manage.


Top Execs can promote their award-winning status through logo licensing and news releases.

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About Grady Campbell

Grady Campbell is unlike any other agency partner in the private equity space – decades of experience, award-winning design, full-service capabilities, and innovative solutions tailored to PE. For more than 30 years, Grady Campbell has planned, designed, and deployed integrated brand and marketing programs for sophisticated PE clients to deliver effective, state-of-the-art brand strategies that support their goals. Grady Campbell's lead position within the Private Equity space is defined by their founding and organizing of the TOP 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market™ awards program, which is the original awards programs for distinguishing leading private equity firms in the middle market.