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Firm Overview

Founded in 2008, Dominus Capital is a lower middle-market sector private equity firm with a focus across family/founder-owned and operated businesses. Dominus draws on the experience and network of its team of in-house operating executives. They have partnered with families / founders and management teams to build successful companies while applying conservative capital structures for over twenty years.

Dominus looks to partner with management of exceptional middle market companies with defensible market positions and significant growth potential where they can add value through their operating skills, network and experience. Dominus has a distinguished history of value creation through their culture of communication, active ownership, accountability, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?

Dominus has an extensive track record and a history of being a favorable partner through all aspects of transactions. Given Dominus’ focus on partnering with management, intermediaries present opportunities to provide a favorable outcome for their clients in founder/family-owned transaction opportunities. Additionally, the team of ten Dominus partners with extensive industry experience offers a strong network across a variety of industries, lending itself to further exposure to various intermediaries.


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