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Firm Overview

Since inception, JLL has sought to make middle market private equity investments in North America. JLL identifies companies that can benefit from business transformation, often to correct an operational challenge or re-position a company in the marketplace to enhance growth and value. JLL Partners is a middle market private equity firm with over three decades of experience transforming businesses in the healthcare, industrials, and business services sectors. JLL employs a three-pronged approach to driving this transformational growth: strengthening management talent, executing strategic mergers and add-on acquisitions, and implementing operational improvements. The JLL Partners team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals and operating partners who are focused on driving long-term value creation across its portfolio. JLL Partners has committed over $5.8 billion of equity capital across eight private equity funds with over 50 platform investments.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?
JLL’s mission is to elevate its portfolio companies to be market leaders delivering superior value to all its partners – including employees, customers, suppliers, management teams, shareholders, limited partners and advisors. Business owners want to partner with JLL because the team has a proven track record working with founder-owned businesses, and they are proud that many of their founder partners have continued to work with JLL well beyond the life of the original investment.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
Given JLL’s long history and the fact that all of the Firm’s senior investment team members have been at the Firm for over a decade (if not significantly longer), JLL has wide array long-standing relationships with intermediaries in each of its core sectors. JLL is focused on consistently nurturing intermediary relationships and aims to provide timely, forthright feedback when opportunities are presented and to be efficient throughout diligence and closing processes.


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