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Firm Overview

Boyne Capital is a Florida-based private equity firm focused on investments in lower middle market companies. Boyne aims to be a solution provider for founders, owners, and operators by helping them “buy in” to their companies’ success. Recapitalizations of owner-operated businesses represents the vast majority of Boyne’s investments.

Boyne focuses on the partnership aspect of every transaction by investing in companies that are seeking a partner who brings strategic value beyond capital. Boyne’s dedicated operations team is structured to transform companies into proactive, scalable platforms. Enhancing financial reporting capabilities, developing KPIs and internal controls, implementing an ERP system, optimizing sourcing/logistics, and efficiently pursuing organic and inorganic growth plans are prime examples of ways Boyne converts businesses into industry-leading platforms.

Boyne primarily invests in companies with revenue between $10M to $100M across a broad range of industries, including healthcare services, business services, consumer products, niche manufacturing, and information technology, among others.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?
Integrity – We do what we promise to do. We make our current and past CEOs available as references for our ethics and our effectiveness. Potential partners get very candid views on how we behave and what we are like as partners, prior to teaming up with us.

Reliability & Certainty – Boyne’s is often the most experienced and “institutional” investor option and the lower end of the middle market, enabling a quicker, more predictable timeline to closing. This is enabled by Boyne’s i) experience (over 80 executed transactions), ii) scaled team, and iii) committed capital base of approximately $250 million out of our current fund.

Greater Long-Term Wealth – As a result of Boyne’s i) unique operations team resources and ii) ability to source, execute and integrate add-on acquisitions, we believe we generate superior value- creation outcomes relative to our peer group. Because we are partnering with our founders/entrepreneurs who are also going-forward shareholders alongside us, they benefit from this higher “second bite at the apple”.

Flexibility – Boyne is willing to tailor our investments to our partners’ objectives, and also to participate in complex situations that other equity sponsors might typically dismiss as too time consuming, complex, or where perfect information may not be available. Boyne has the transaction and operational resources to digest complex industry and/or company dynamics and drive to a closing.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
For many of the same reasons that prospects prefer to work with Boyne, advisors have also come to know Boyne by the firm’s many attributes that lead to higher certainty of closing and amicable deal processes. Moreover, Boyne provides intermediaries with timely and respectful feedback on investment opportunities and offers compensation programs to intermediaries that introduce the firm to deal opportunities that they consummate.


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