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  • 2023
Firm Overview

Clarendon Capital, LLC was founded with a focus on making investments in the Transportation, Logistics and Distribution sectors. Through their experience investing in founder-run businesses, Clarendon has demonstrated their ability to create sound, transparent working relationships with entrepreneurs and their management teams. They manage the deal process and post-closing working relationship in a way that respects the culture and reputation of the companies they invest in. Since its inception, the firm has tripled in size, growing from 5 to 15 employees and all our five platform investments and 10+ add-on acquisitions have been founder-owned.

Clarendon Capital strategically targets the North American Middle-Market, specializing in niche verticals within the transportation, logistics, and distribution sector. Clarendon focuses on profitable and growing companies that are established segment leaders and companies that have great potential to substantially improve performance.

Clarendon devotes the time and effort necessary to learn about participating owners’ personal and business objectives and tailors our work to meet those specific needs and the most efficient financing strategy to achieve those objectives. This unique approach coupled with transportation, distribution and logistics experience and industry contacts give Clarendon the flexibility to create the most value for all stakeholders.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?
Business owners and management teams value Clarendon’s sector focus and industry relationships. Prospects prefer to work with investors who understand their industry so they can be collaborative partners in strategy development to accelerate growth and scale the business. They also value Clarendon’s experience in working with the owners and management teams without prior Private Equity partnership experience.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
Due to Clarendon’s industry focus, intermediaries know they will get prompt feedback on the opportunities they present. Clarendon is very efficient if deciding to not move forward with an opportunity. When Clarendon is interested in an opportunity, we quickly present detailed and thoughtful questions to learn more.


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