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Firm Overview

Founded in 1999, Clearview Capital is a private investment firm specializing in the acquisition and recapitalization of lower-middle market companies in North America. Since inception, the firm’s team has completed more than 150 transactions in a wide variety of industries. The firm is focused primarily on making control-oriented equity investments in growth companies with $4-20 EBITDA in the business services, healthcare services, consumer, manufacturing and specialized distribution sectors.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?

Clearview Capital has earned a reputation among business owners and intermediaries as a firm that ‘does what it says it will do’ and that always builds partnerships with portfolio companies with transparency and integrity. They are completely transparent with their track record, including transactions that did not turn out the way they hoped. That transparency includes providing references from every transaction the firm has ever done. Clearview prides themselves in truly understanding family-owned and founder-led businesses since, like many of them, they were founded on a shoestring in a room above a garage and persevered to build a highly respected firm in the industry.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?

As a result of having five senior, dedicated business development personnel, they have the ability to build relationships with intermediaries of all types. The firm makes a point to connect senior investment partners to intermediaries and to help intermediaries succeed even in situations where they are not pursuing an investment. They understand how important each transaction is to intermediaries, especially to smaller bankers and brokers where each transaction is critical to their success. As with prospects, their transparent approach and dedication to doing what they say they will do has allowed them to build trust and confidence with intermediaries.


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