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Firm Overview

McNally Capital is a lower middle market private equity firm with over half a billion in assets and a distinct expertise in thesis driven investing in the U.S. within the Aerospace & Defense/National Security, Industrial Products & Services, and Business Services sectors. One of the most important elements of our investment strategy is that the Firm focuses on acquiring family, founder, and management-owned companies where the families/founders will demonstrate meaningful rollover equity investment. They leverage their own experience as well as that of their Industry Partners, who are typically former business owners, to take a “walked in your shoes” approach in acquiring target businesses. They have developed a deep network of highly skilled Industry Partners given the firm’s own roots as family owners and operators of Rand McNally & Company for over 150 years.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?

Business owners value McNally’s philosophy on partnership, commitment to the Firm’s core values, and the growth guidance and support they offer through the firm’s vast family office network, industry partners, and strong internal team. The way they conduct ourselves with management teams, beginning with the initial management meeting and lasting through the duration of an investment, demonstrates a true commitment to preserving or enhancing culture, upholding integrity, driving long-term growth, and creating strong alignment for all stakeholders.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
Similar to the reasons why management teams and business owners value doing business with McNally Capital, intermediaries know that, for a seller looking for the right partner over the long term, McNally Capital offers a compelling model and reputation. Their focus on long-term growth, partnership and alignment make us an attractive option for a unique set of sellers, and in turn make us an attractive option for the intermediary to present an opportunity.


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