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Firm Overview

Salt Creek Capital is a San Francisco Bay Area-based private equity firm that partners with experienced operating executives to acquire profitable companies with up to $150 million in revenue and $1 – $20 million of EBITDA or free cash flow. The targeted industries include, but not limited to, manufacturing, business & industrial services, food & beverage, consumer products, healthcare, value-added distribution, franchisors & franchisees, and IT/Software. Salt Creek Capital takes a long-term approach to investing in lower middle market businesses and seeks to create value by working closely with management teams to accelerate growth and improve operating efficiencies.

Why Do Business Owners Partner with Your Firm?

Business owners often see Salt Creek Capital as the best buyer based on the experience and strength of the Executive Partner succeeding the Sellers as CEO. SCC tailors a solution to what the Seller needs, by providing a succession plan, offering rollover equity or complete buyout, accommodating desires to sell/retain real estate assets and to structure a Seller tax friendly transaction. SCC’s Executive Partners’ experience as C-level operators of successful companies, typically larger than the target, helps build additional trust and confidence with Sellers that the incoming CEO is more than capable and qualified to lead the business post-transaction.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?

Intermediaries are aware of the experience and success Salt Creek Capital has earned during the past 13+ years. The firm’s senior leaders have 100+ years of lower middle market investing experience and a strong track record of acquiring, professionalizing, and growing lower middle market companies to the next level. The SCC leadership team has a history of successful exits, including IPO’s, strategic sales, and recapitalizations, as well as deep experience as investors, CEO’s/operators, and board members. Salt Creek Capital’s combined offering of liquidity and new leadership with our Executive Partners Program is particularly attractive to the retiring business owners.


2055 Woodside Road, Suite 250, Woodside, CA 94061
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