Soundcore Capital Partners

TOP 50 PE Winner
  • 2024
Firm Overview

Founded in 2015, Soundcore is a private equity firm based in New York City. The firm is a thesis driven consolidator, specializing in value buy and build investments (having acquired as many as 16 companies in the same sector) of mission critical, recession resistant companies in the lower middle-market. Since Inception, Soundcore has acquired 88 companies for $1.2 billion in Total Enterprise Value. The firm has deployed $521 million of equity and has $829 million Assets Under Management. By starting with a fresh idea and deploying their origination team, the Soundcore process gives the Firm direct access to businesses that are not being marketed to PE firms in auction processes. This allows them to stay disciplined and value-oriented.

Soundcore has partnered with 88 privately owned businesses across the U.S. and have created 11 platform companies that are leaders in their respective industries. They’re a leader in transaction speed and certainty. Soundcore enables healthy businesses to accelerate upside momentum, build sustainable value, and participate in scalable platforms that create value beyond what the separate businesses could achieve.


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