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Firm Overview

SunTx Capital Partners, LP, is a Dallas, TX-based private equity firm that invests in middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies. At SunTx, investing is a people business. The firm builds partnerships with business owners that are tailored to support employees, maintain legacies and thoughtfully enhance the value of each business. SunTx takes great pride in working collaboratively with talented management teams in industries where the firm can apply its operational and financial expertise to build leading middle-market companies with operations typically in the Sun Belt region of the United States. The capital committed by SunTx comes from the principals of SunTx as well as from institutional investors, including leading university endowments, corporate and public pension funds.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?
Because SunTx is a winner that, since its inception, has developed an outstanding track record of working collaboratively with its portfolio management teams and generating top returns for its investors. This is due to the fact that, among many standout characteristics, all the firm’s Partners and several other team members have operating backgrounds. The firm is thus well-equipped to guide, support and help management teams grow revenue and increase margins, as well as acquire businesses. Moreover, the members of SunTx are humble, modest, kind and collaborative. They care deeply about their portfolio companies, investors and extended communities.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
At SunTx, investing is a people business. This is not a firm that invests, cuts costs and sells – they assist in building strong management teams, allow management to run the business, and provide advice and input. Their leadership and partnership are key contributors to the growth of their investments. This thoughtful approach by management carries over into engagement with intermediaries whose main objective is to conduct value-driven transactions that are civil, sustainable and beneficial to all parties.


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