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Firm Overview

TZP Group, a multi-strategy private equity firm managing approximately ~$2 billion across its family of funds, is focused on control, growth equity, and structured capital investments in products and services for businesses and consumers. Founded in 2007, TZP targets companies with solid historical performance and sustainable value propositions and aims to be a “Partner of Choice” for business owners and management teams. TZP seeks to invest primarily in closely-held, private companies in which the owners desire to retain a significant stake and partner with an investor with complementary operating and financial skills to accelerate company growth, increase profitability, and maximize the value of their retained stake. TZP leverages its investment professionals’ operating and investment experience to provide strategic and operational guidance and is dedicated to long-term value creation.

Why do prospects want to do business with the firm?
TZP partners with owners and management teams who seek an investor with the experience, skills, and relationships to enable their business to scale profitably and reach their full potential. TZP’s “Partner of Choice” transactions encourage significant equity rollover from owners and management teams to align growth incentives and foster long-term partnership. TZP’s scaled platform in the lower-middle-market provides owners and management teams with a set of differentiated value-added capabilities and a broad base of functional, operational and financial expertise amongst our investment professionals and Portfolio Operations team.

Why do intermediaries present opportunities and want to conduct transactions with the firm?
TZP has a focused, values-driven approach that delivers high-trust relationships, deep domain knowledge, a systematic diligence process, and high speed to close. TZP’s scaled platform, comprising three unique fund strategies and 30 active portfolio companies, has created a broad network of deep and trusted relationships across its intermediaries that lead to significant deal flow in the lower-middle-market. All of TZP’s funds work together in a coordinated effort to build relationships and source deals from intermediaries large and small and across the U.S. and beyond.


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