2024 Top CEO
CEO Overview

Henry’s career began in operations and supply chain management, focusing on a high-mix, low-volume metal fabrication environment. In his previous role, he gained valuable experience managing various aspects of a manufacturing company, encompassing technical sales training, CAD design, customer contract negotiations, and budgeting. During his tenure at that company, they achieved remarkable growth, taking the company from its inception to a revenue of $30 million.

This trajectory eventually led him to his current position as CEO at METALfx. When he assumed this role, the company had recently spun out from a parent corporation and functioned primarily as a job shop. While it had a good reputation and product, it lacked the infrastructure, systems, and processes necessary for expansion. Over the last four years under Henry’s leadership, METALfx underwent a significant transformation, evolving from a job shop into a company well-prepared to become a platform company. This transformation included upgrades to data systems, the integration of automation into manufacturing, the implementation of lean manufacturing practices, and a shift toward data-driven decision-making at all organizational levels. During his tenure, the company doubled its revenue in just four years while also improving profitability.

As CEO, Henry is deeply involved in every facet of the company’s operations. His background in operations and supply chain management gives him a strong grasp of the company’s financials, and he can comfortably discuss these matters in various settings, whether formal or informal. Given his background, operations are one of his strongest suits, and he tightly links the company’s strategy to these operations. He leads the team in developing long-term strategies, which span three-year cycles, ensuring that the company maintains a clear vision for its future. This involves determining the necessary capital expenditures and personnel expenses required to sustain their growth trajectory and prevent capacity constraints.

Henry has also built a standout leadership team around him and actively mentors his team members, much as he benefited from mentors in the earlier stages of his career. The relationship with their private equity firm is notably positive. In challenging times, he maintains full transparency, taking accountability for results, and presenting plans for right-sizing. In times of success, such as when they achieve record-breaking milestones, the private equity firm is the first to celebrate those wins alongside the company.

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