2024 Top CEO
CEO Overview

Across the competitive landscape of healthcare staffing, few CEOs have demonstrated the level of expertise, resilience, and strategic acumen as Greg Palmer, the visionary leader at the helm of Supplemental Health Care (“SHC”). With a distinguished career in both operations and finance, Greg has not only navigated the complexities of the nurse staffing industry but has also excelled in leading the business since Apollo’s investment in 2021 alongside Vistria. It is with immense pleasure that Apollo and Vistria recommend Greg for the prestigious 2024 Top CEOs in the Middle Market Award.

Apollo’s relationship with Greg began three years ago, during a period of significant industry evolution as COVID-19 created an unprecedented gap in the supply and demand of healthcare staff. Under Greg’s dynamic leadership, the company has achieved remarkable milestones in both financial performance and organizational growth since Apollo and Vistria’s acquisition. One of the most remarkable aspects of Greg’s tenure is his deep understanding of the staffing industry. Prior to joining SHC, Greg served as the CEO of Remedy Temp Inc. for eight years, leading a successful turnaround and sale of the business in 2006. Inducted into the Staffing Industry Analysts Hall of Fame in 2018, Greg is recognized for his extensive industry expertise, which he has leveraged to devise innovative solutions to address the growing demand for healthcare professionals. His keen insights into industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies have positioned SHC as a leader in the field, resulting in substantial revenue growth and market expansion.

Greg has demonstrated exceptional prowess in leading SHC through the unique challenges of private equity ownership. As an 2 of 3 investor and former buyside advisor, Greg’s unique ability to balance the interests of investors with the needs of the business distinguish him from other CEOs in the industry. Under his guidance, the company has achieved remarkable financial growth, more than doubling EBITDA since our investment, proving the symbiotic relationship between private equity and operational excellence.

Beyond his professional acumen, Greg has a deep passion for creating positive change. He has fostered a culture of caring and collaboration, empowering the company’s workforce to deliver exceptional results.

Greg has exhibited extraordinary leadership as the CEO of SHC, propelling the organization to new heights while successfully navigating the intricacies of private equity ownership. His unwavering commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and strategic acumen make him a deserving candidate.

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